Your Performance

To be a successful street performer, your performance should be:

Something you love: People enjoy watching someone having fun doing something they love. Also, your stamina is linked to how much you enjoy doing something, so if it is a performance you love, you will be able to last longer without breaks.

Unique and/or Amazing: If you’re planning on singing and playing guitar, that’s fine, but because this is such a standard performance, you will amaze fewer people. That said, if you are an incredible singer-songwriter, you’ll rake in the money. However, for those of us who are unamazing but still talented, a unique twist on your performance will get people to stop. Show them something they have never seen before, even if it is a variation of a common performance.

Professional: Dress well. Be clean. Look nice. Some people think, “The music sounds nice, but if I give him money he’ll just go waste it on drugs.” Combat this with a nice outfit and a well-groomed appearance.

Perfect: People do not want to see you mess up – this creates uncomfortable moments between the performer and the audience. Practice.

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