I have put together this guide to help you become a street performer. It is based upon 6 years of experience playing in Boston, Massachusetts. It is my sincere hope that this site provides you with useful tips and tools which will empower you as a busker.

Common Question: Is it worth it, financially?

Answer: Yes, depending on how well you do it. If your performance is good and you use all of the tips I have shared in this guide, I think you will do quite well. Before understanding HOW to street perform, I made around $15. Today, with all that I have learned, I make around $40 dollars an hour, and I would not say my performance is even all that great. Some of my friends, with better performances and talents, have shared with me that they make around $80 dollars an hour.

However, for others, if their performance is not that good and if they do not understand the science of street performing, they may make much less than that. That said, keep in mind that even if you make only $8 an hour, that is still better than minimum wage!

Therefore, I strongly recommend that integrate this guide into your performance, go out there, and give it a shot!

Note: All advice and information on this website is anecdotal. Use it at your risk, and it is your responsibility to consult other sources before acting on it. I will not be held responsible for any bad things that may come as a result of the information posted on this website. I have put this together to help people. You are responsible for your actions and whatever risks you take.